105 Fun Bridal Shower Game Questions That Will Keep Them Guessing All Night Long

105 Fun Bridal Shower Game Questions That Will Keep Them Guessing All Night Long

105 Fun Bridal Shower Game Questions That Will Keep Them Guessing All Night Long

Are you looking to spice up your bridal shower games? We got you. These unique questions have been thought out to fit your games perfectly. Incorporate these into your games, and remember to have fun. 

Bridal Shower Game Questions

Bridal Shower Game Questions

There is an extensive range of games for bridal showers, including board games, table games, and guessing games that help liven up the party and create memories. 


The following list of questions is specifically designed with that in mind; to give the party some more life. They are categorised but are primarily intended to be used in guessing games. Most of these questions are exchangeable from game to game. 


Mix up the following bridal shower game questions and match them with whatever game you are playing. They come with printables and are simple.

What Is Your Level of Familiarity With the Bride

What Is Your Level of Familiarity With the Bride? 

Here’s a fun quiz to see how well you and your guests know the honoured guest (or visitors).


Allocate half of the visitors to one bride and another to the other if both brides are visiting the shower instead of each getting their own.


  1. What colour is her favourite?
  2. What was the name of her first pet?
  3. What is her go-to meal?
  4. What is her ideal occupation?
  5. What’s her go-to cup of joe?
  6. What is her drink of choice of ice cream?
  7. What is her all-time favourite film?
  8. What’s her go-to makeup brand?
  9. What is her ideal vehicle?
  10. What is her favourite piece of music?
  11. What is her best sweet treat?
  12. What is the name of her middle child?
  13. What’s her biggest pet peeve?
  14. What breed of dog does she prefer?
  15. Which Disney film is her personal favourite?
  16. What’s her go-to fast-food joint?
  17. Which sports team does she support?
  18. What is the size of her shoes?
  19. What is the name of her favourite clothesline?
  20. What does she like doing on the weekends?
  21. What is the name of her favourite singer?
  22. Which actor and actress is her favourite?
  23. What superhero is her personal favourite?
  24. Who is her closest companion?
  25. When she’s intoxicated, who does she call first?
  26. Is she a cat or dog person?
  27. How many languages does she have under her belt?
  28. What college did she attend?
  29. What is her place of employment?
  30. Is she a fan of heels or sneakers?

What Is Your Level of Familiarity With Each Other

What Is Your Level of Familiarity With Each Other? 

Here are some questions to ask couples at Bridal Shower Trivia.


  1. Who was the first to kiss?
  2. Who is the messier of the two?
  3. During a movie date, who is more prone to falling asleep?
  4. Who has more excellent musical taste?
  5. Who has the funniest jokes?
  6. That is the one who stays up late at night?
  7. Who do you think has the most patience?
  8. What does it mean to be a sports fan?
  9. Who was the first to meet the in-laws?
  10. Who among you has a tattoo?
  11. In the mornings, who makes the bed?
  12. Who is responsible for keeping her automobile clean?
  13. Who is the most affluent?
  14. Which of you is the more romantic?
  15. Who takes up the most closet space?
  16. Who was the first to say, “I love you?”
  17. Who do you think is a better present giver?
  18. Who do you think is the best cook?
  19. Who is the more daring?
  20. Who is grumpier first thing in the morning?
  21. After a fight, who is the first to apologise?
  22. Who takes the most time to get ready?
  23. Who has the most Instagram fans?
  24. Who is the one who takes a more extended shower?
  25. Who is the most prominent TV watcher?

What Is Your Level Of Familiarity With The Couple

What Is Your Level Of Familiarity With The Couple? 

This is Another entertaining activity for wedding shower attendees. They can respond to the questions during the party, and the host can then read them out to the entire group.


The one who provides the most right answers is the winner! A few question suggestions are provided below.


  1. Who will be the first to cry during the wedding?
  2. Who prefers to spend more time at home?
  3. Who proposed?
  4. Who was the first to make a move?
  5. Who do you think is the better driver?
  6. In a relationship, who wears the pants?
  7. Who’s the one who’s usually late?
  8. Who is the oldest of the two?
  9. Who is more prone to become disoriented at a shopping mall?
  10. Who is the more excellent secrecy keeper?
  11. Who had the better school grades?
  12. Who is the most inventive?
  13. What was the location of the couple’s first meeting?
  14. What was the location of their first date?
  15. Where did they go on their first trip?
  16. Where will they spend their honeymoon?
  17. What is the couple’s ideal holiday destination?
  18. What would the couple’s ideal date be?
  19. Is there anything the pair shares in common?
  20. What is their preferred cuisine?
  21. What is their favourite dining establishment?
  22. What is their favourite show to watch together on television?
  23. What is the name of their pet?
  24. How long have they been friends?
  25. Do they have any animals?

Which guest said that FREE PRINTABLE

Which guest said that? FREE PRINTABLE

This last group provides for entertaining wedding shower contests of “who said that?” if your friends know each other well. These questions are intentionally a touch “off the wall ” to make it more difficult.”


  1. Have each visitor write replies to every inquiry. Then gather them all, stir them, and choose one at random. Continue reading until somebody identifies the guest’s list.
  2. In a zombie outbreak, who would you want at your side?
  3. As a teenager, who superstar took up the most floor space in your room?
  4. What is one prevalent thing you’ve never done?
  5. Which symbol are you using most on social networks or on your phone?
  6. Which magical ability would you pick if a genie bestowed it upon you?
  7. If you had a time capsule, which century would you visit?
  8. Would you prefer life on the beaches or in the mountain ranges?
  9. Which TV family would you most like to be a part of?
  10. When you were a kid, what did you be when you grew up?
  11. What’s on the top of your to-do list?
  12. How many countries have you travelled through?
  13. What strange dish do you enjoy that other people find disgusting?
  14. What typical cuisine that the majority of people enjoy do you find disgusting?
  15. Which charity would you select if you had a million dollars to give?
  16. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
  17. What book (or film) has impacted your life most?
  18. What season would you choose if you had to live in for the whole year?
  19. In a cinematic adaptation of your life, who would portray you?
  20. What do you think your autobiography should be called?
  21. What would you do if you were never required to work again?
  22. What tattoos would you get if you had to?
  23. Which celebrity do you wish to dine with?
  24. What is it about a popular (and non-offensive) term that you despise?
  25. What’s your favourite word of all time?
  26. What would you say to the pair if you could give them one piece of advice?

Who Am I (Couples Edition)

Who Am I? (Couples Edition)

This is a highly hilarious game that is a favourite at many parties. It will undoubtedly break the ice in the room as your guests laugh and play together.


To play this game, you will need sticky tags and a list of renowned couples. The names of these couples should be written on the sticky tags before the start of the party. Only one couple should be written on each tag, with each couple ideally not written more than once. On your guests’ arrival, stick these tags on each of their backs. They are supposed to find out which couple is on their tag, but their questions can only have a yes or no answer. 


This game is ideal for a party where the guests are not acquainted and will help break the ice. 

Couples Shower Shoe Game

Couples Shower Shoe Game

This is a popular game that is common in most bridal showers. To play this game, you will need to list your question. Get four shoes for each couple, an emcee and create a barrier between the couple so that their vision is blocked.


The emcee will ask the questions from the list. The four shoes are divided between the couple, so each one gets two. If you relate to the answer, lift the shoe that ‘represents you, and you lift their shoe. This is aimed at learning how much the couple knows each other.

The game should not last more than 20 minutes to avoid losing your guests’ interest. 


You should prepare some creative and exciting questions that will help keep everyone curious. Spice them up and make them hilarious by adding questions that a few people know the answer to. Remember that the key to the success of your party is keeping everyone active and entertained. 


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