20 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles for Thin Hair

20 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles for Thin Hair

20 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles for Thin Hair

It can be quite hard to find a good hairstyle for your wedding if you have thin hair. Everyone wants to look dashing on their big day, so this can be stressful. 


Most women develop thin hair after repeatedly and excessively using blow dryers, straighteners and curlers to style their hair. Hair dyes can also cause it. 


This doesn’t stop them from looking ravishing on their special day. There’s always a look for you. Here are some of the popular ideas that you can go for:  

Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles For Brides With Thin Hair.

When picking the hairstyle that best suits you for your big day, there are many things to consider. This can include the length of your hair, the texture of your hair, its volume, its colour and even whether the hairstyle can damage your hair. Here are some of the best picks for brides with thin hair:

1. Messy Textured Bun

This updo is perfect for thin hair, and you can get your bridesmaids to go for this look. Styling this is quick and easy, so it’ll work if you have little time to prepare. 


This hairstyle is gorgeous and will help you rebuild your hair volume. Here is how to style it:


  • Use warm water and your favourite shampoo to wash the hair. 
  • Let your hair dry naturally. 
  • Thoroughly comb your hair. 
  • Curl your hair using a curler. 
  • Set your hair and fix it in place using a serum. 
  • Twist the hair to form a bun.
  • Use clips to adjust the hair.
  • Put your hair in place using hair-setting sprays. 
  • Place some flowers on your hair.   

2. Jumbo Braid Updo

This hairstyle will keep all your hair secured, so you do not have to worry about loose braids swinging in your face the whole day. You also don’t have to worry about your hair breaking as this style is compatible with thin hair. The hairstyle is unique and will add some dramatic effects to your outfit. 


Here’s how to style it:


  • Wash your hair and condition your hair thoroughly.
  • Straighten your hair out if you are going for a smooth texture.  
  • Twist and pin all front strands of your hair to fix them in place.
  • Continue plaiting the rest of the hair. 
  • Make a high bun by pinning plaits.  
  • Use hairspray to set the hair. 

3. Braided Curly Ponytail

The hairstyle can be formal and informal, depending on how you style them. This hairstyle will be perfect to complement a studded bead dress. The hairstyle has the advantage of being a two in one curls and braids hairstyle. Here’s how to braid it:


  • Thoroughly wash and condition your hair before drying it. 
  • Braid your hair from the upper half down to your earlobes. 
  • Tie with braid ends. 
  • Using a curler, add waves to your hair. 
  • Set the hair with a hairspray.
  • Add any ornaments and decorate your hair to your heart’s content. 

4. Teased Braided Buns

This hairstyle will ensure your hair is beautiful. The hairstyle adds volume to thin hair and is easy to manage. Add flowers on top of your hair.


  • Wash your hair thoroughly. Skip the conditioner and instead use a hair serum. 
  • If you want some waves in your hair, use a curler. 
  • Braid the strands of hair. 
  • Use a ponytail to tie your hair into a bun.
  • Leave some hair strands to hang at the front.
  • Tuck and pin the braids into the hair bun loosely.   
  • Fix your hair into place using hairspray. 
  • Make the front strands wavy using a curler.
  • Place some flowers on your hair. 

5. 60’s Side Twist Bun

This stylish hairstyle is sure to drop your guests’ jaws. It is very easy to style and doesn’t require a straightener or curler. With a rose and some pins, here’s how you style it:


  • Thoroughly wash your hair, then dry it. 
  • Part hair at the side, then twist half the hair at the front.
  • Fasten your hair at the back of the head. 
  • Use the ponytail to fix the twist you made in place. 
  • Make a bun using the ponytail. 
  • Leave some hair strands hanging at the sides away from the twists. 
  • Place a rose where your twist forms a bun. 
  • Set your hair using a hairspray. 

6. Romantic Double Braided Up-Do

This hairstyle is designed to give your hair a trendy and thick look. It requires a lot of skill. The hair-do combines regular braids and a fishtail. Here’s how to style it:


  • Wash your hair thoroughly and use a blowdryer to dry it. 
  • Apply soothing serum and smoothen out your hair. 
  • Turn and twist a few of your front hair strands and tie them up. Use rubber bands. 
  • Plait all the bottom ends of the hair into a fishtail braid. 
  • Use a pin to tie the braid up horizontally. 
  • Add flowers and beautiful nails. 

7. Side Fishtail Braid With Curls

Side Fishtail Braid With Curls

This hairstyle draws attention to you if you have highlighted or dyed hair in light tones. It will look good on your natural hair. It needs a lot of pins to stay in place. 


The side fishtail braids with curls is a hairstyle best suited for long hair, and you should take a lot of care for medium and short hair. Here’s how to style it: 


  • Start by washing and conditioning your hair thoroughly. 
  • Leave your hair to dry naturally. 
  • Separate your hair at the side and braid a fishtail starting at your head’s crown.
  • Braid the entire length of your hair. 
  • Fix the hair in place with a rubber band. 
  • Place roses in between the braids.
  • Set the hair using a hair-setting spray.   

8. Twisted Half Ups

Making this hairstyle is very easy. It is also beautiful and one of the best thin hair hairstyles. Here’s how to braid it:


  • Wash your hair thoroughly. Remember to use your favourite conditioner when conditioning it. 
  • Comb your hair.
  • Twist the strands of your hair from opposite sides of the head.
  • Tie the ends together using rubber bands.   

9. Loose Curly Neat Bun

Loose Curly Neat Bun

This bun will look loose but neat. It is a straightforward and attractive hairstyle. Here’s how to style it:


  • Wash and condition your hair thoroughly. 
  • Apply hair serum to smoothen your hair. 
  • Make a loose ponytail with your hair. 
  • Pull up hair strands from the ponytail.
  • Form a bun with a ponytail.
  • Fasten the hair with beautiful floral pins. 

10. Simple Waves

This simple hairstyle that is perfect for thin and medium length hair will leave you looking elegant. Here’s how to style it:


  • Thoroughly wash with shampoo, then condition your hair.
  • Air dry your hair. 
  • Using a curler, make your hair wavy. 
  • Set your hair using hair-setting sprays. 

11. Open Hair With Twists

The hairstyle involves letting your hair naturally fall. It requires very little time to style but will leave you looking beautiful. It is perfect for bridesmaids. 

12. Light Puff, Neat Side Bub

Light Puff, Neat Side Bub

This hairstyle will make you look posh and extravagant. It is perfect for thin hair and will volume it up. Here’s how to style the hair-do:


  • Wash and condition your hair thoroughly. 
  • Dry your hair.
  • Comb. 
  • Using a pin, form a puff at the front of your hair. 
  • Make a bun behind your head and ensure it’s secure and neat. You can use clips to secure it. 
  • Set your hair with hair-setting sprays. 

13. Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves

If your hair is short and thin, this is a perfect style. 


  • Thoroughly wash and condition your hair.
  • Dry using a blowdryer.
  • Using a curl, make waves. 
  • Part your hair at the side.
  • Set your hair using a hair-setting spray. 

14. Parallel Braids with a rose bun

This is one of the most popular thin hair hairstyles for bridesmaids. This hairstyle will be best for medium and long hair and leave your bridesmaids looking beautiful. Here’s how to style it:


  • Wash your hair thoroughly
  • Condition your hair with your favourite conditioner. 
  • Air dry your hair. 
  • Divide your hair to form two parts.
  • Leave hair at the centre of your head. \
  • Plait the hair at the neck’s base into a braid. 
  • Using a hairpin, secure the braid at the front. Add twists to the ends of your hair. 
  • Curl the hair left at the centre into a rose. Use pins to secure the hair. 
  • Set your hair with a spray. 

15. Simple studded braid

Simple studded braid

This is a straight hairstyle. Brides with brunette hair prefer bangs, but you can also curl the strands at the front. The hair at the back is braided and with pins securing each fold. 

16. Sleek low ponytail

Simply partition your hair to form two parts. Gather the hair and tie it into a ponytail at the base of the neck. Perfect for black hair. 

17. Romantic Locks

The hairstyle is best for medium length hair that falls to your shoulders. Simply curl your hair locks. You can also add a garland.

18. Neat bun

Neat bun

Gather all the hair and make a bun behind your head. Smoothen your hair with a gel, and you’re ready to rock the look. 

19. Simple Bridal Blowout

Simple Bridal Blowout

Wash the hair thoroughly and dry it with a blow dryer.  Blow-dry outwards. Set the hair with a spray.  

20. Braid Hairband

Braid Hairband

Plait the hair into braids around your head. When done, secure the hair using clips. Try adding glitter to your hair for a party look. 

Things you must know before styling your hair.

Thin hair does not maintain curls, and its volume looks unnatural. Simple hairstyles will need care and elegance for the bog day. However, some hairstyles are best suited for thin hair, so try any of them for your wedding day. 


People with thin hair can also opt for extensions to give their hair more volume. Your stylist will need rollers, bobby pins, headbands, and socks. Socks are used in making low buns. 


People with thin hair should never forget to wash their hair with volumising shampoos. They should also let their hair dry naturally and avoid shampooing regularly. They should also opt for dry shampoos when cleaning their hair.  


Massage your hair using scalp oil for faster hair growth to increase volume. For length, backcomb your hair. Remember to avoid heavy hair products such as waxes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to make your thin hair thick?

Yes, it is possible to volumise your hair. Massage your scalp regularly with suitable oils to help improve hair growth and avoid shampooing regularly. However, changing hair texture is almost impossible. 

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Brides With Thin Hair?

The best hairstyles for thin hair are those with wavy and braided hairstyles. This is because they volumise your hair. Extensions are also an excellent alternative to temporary make your hair appear thicker. 

Does Thin Hair Look Better Short Or Long?

Does Thin Hair Look Better Short Or Long

Thin hair looks better when short, but styling your hair to match your hair type can enhance its appearance. Avoid bad styling habits to thicken your hair.

Is It Better To Have Short Hair If Your Hair Is Thin?

It is better to keep your hair short if it is thin; it looks like it has more volume that way. Long hair is also more susceptible to breakage. 

What Is A Fishtail Braid?

A hairstyle that has interwoven strands of hair. It looks very intricate. A french style is an example of a fishtail braid.  

What Is Invisible Braid?

Tiny braids are separated on the whole scalp and then woven into your hair. They are visible only at the root of the hair, making them look natural. They help in hair growth and also help to maintain your hair. 

What Is Lemonade Braids?

Named after Beyonce’s album, lemonade braids are a combo of Cornrows, many edges, Fulani styles and goddess braids. This is a beautiful hairstyle that will leave you looking gorgeous. 

What Is Invisible Braid?

What Is Invisible Braid

They are small braids divided on the whole scalp and then weaved onto your hair. They can only be seen at the root, making them look natural. They help with hair growth. 

What Is A Halo Braid?

What Is A Halo Braid

It’s a hairdo made using french and dutch braids. The braids are fastened around your head. They match perfectly with both formal and informal outfits and are therefore suitable for a wide range of occasions. 

Bottom Line

This article has outlined the best wedding hairstyle. Choose the hairstyles that compliment your dress the best, and remember that some of these hairstyles look better depending on your hair length, thickness, colour and texture. Learn more about African styles if you are more into braids. 


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