6 Exciting Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Memorable Party

6 Exciting Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Memorable Party

6 Exciting Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Memorable Party

Stuck at home and forced to host a virtual bridal shower? Don’t fret; virtual parties can be just as fun as physical interactions. Most people struggle to get ideas to liven up their online party. Find the virtual game that you enjoy. 


Here are some terrific games you can play with your friends, even behind a screen. We get to earn a commission if you purchase any of the products through the links provided here. You don’t get charged any extra money for the purchases. 

6 Most Popular Virtual Bridal Shower Games (Review)

Engagements, weddings and all sorts of ceremonies are being live-streamed nowadays. Everything is now virtual, so it’s about time people got used to online parties and learned ways to make the experience fun and memorable. 


The best way to do this is to use virtual games to keep everyone attentive and interested. Using a virtual game for your bridal shower will help make the online event successful. Here are some great ideas for you: 

1. Find the Guest Bingo

Find the Guest Bingo

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This is an exceptional bingo game. Players will look for someone whose characteristics are described in the box. You can only use one guest once; you can only write his name on one box. The first person to fill five boxes consecutively wins. 

2. Emoji Pictionary Bridal Shower Edition

Emoji Pictionary Bridal Shower Edition

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This is a fun and exciting game that involves two sides going up against each other. They draw a word from a bowl one person at a time, but the person cannot tell his teammates what the word is. Instead, they sketch it, trying to give their teammates pictorial clues while the team tries to guess. A one-minute timer is set. 

3. Would She Rather

Would She Rather

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This game is designed to help determine how much you and your friends know about each other. You can make the game more interesting by setting a price for the winner. 

4. Bachelorette Friendly Feud

Bachelorette Friendly Feud

This exciting game helps your group learn more about each other. With two teams, one side can guess what answer the other group chose. You can purchase this game on Etsy, and it comes with a slideshow and holding sheets. You check their answers against an answer key that is also provided. The team that gets the most answers correct takes the win. Get creative and remember to have fun. 

5. Who Knows The Couple Best?

Who Knows The Couple Best


Ideally, you should play this game at the start of the party to break the ice. The players talk to each other first and are then quizzed. It comes with a printable that you can email to your friends. The first person to get five consecutive correct answers wins. Prepare a prize for the winner to make the game more competitive and fun. 

6. What’s In Your Purse

The guests get a list of random things and checkboxes. They are supposed to tick in the box if they have the item listed on the list in their purse. The winner is the girl with the most random things. They also need to show the items to prove that they have them. Get creative and personalise the game to make it more interesting. 

Bottom Line

The bingo game is one of the most exciting games listed. Make this your go-to game if you only have time for one game. 


All the games discussed in this article will help improve your opinion of online parties. When played correctly and with the right motivation, these virtual games will make your online party a blast. You can also customise the games to be compatible with lesbian and gay bridal showers. 


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