Which Married at First Sight Couples Are Still Together

Which Married at First Sight Couples Are Still Together

It’s tough to make a reality TV couple’s romance continue and leave a lasting impression – yet Married at First Sight partners have beaten the odds and confirmed that it’s possible! The Lifelong series follows several couples who have been matched by relationship gurus and decide to wed on their initial date.


The previous year highlighted the eighth time relationship gurus got together and matched many distinctive Australian singles looking for love.


Except for the 2021 series, just three couples stayed together; Bryce Mohr and Ereman Bateman from season two, Michael Brunelli as well as Martha Kalifatidis from season six, engaged in 2021, and Jules Robinson and Cam Merchan from season six, legally married in 2019.


However, Mel Schilling of MAFS believes that while she and her colleagues could manage to finish the statistical matching component of the project, it will only be as beneficial as delivering the duo to the chapel.


Mel said to WHO, “My colleagues and I can’t manage the spark after the duo gets together. It’s a mystery whether the couples will ignite a physical love spark. Besides, it’s unknown how the couples will react or cope under intensive pressure.”  


“Then there’s the collective dynamic and the influence of other people’s criticism and judgment on them, so there are numerous elements that we can’t predict and handle.”


However, three partners departed the program with their spouses after the series. But how and where are they at the moment? Continue reading to find out which spouses remain together and whose the latest member of the MAFS alumni majority.

1. Bryce And Melissa Are Expecting Twin Boys

The previous season’s most fabulous contentious pair did not win many supporters, but Bryce and Melissa are still in a relationship.


Fans initially assumed this when both posted their images of indoor rock climbing on their respective pages; then, in January, Canberra-based Bryce posted photos of himself in Melbourne, where Melissa was born. 


On an exclusive talk with WHO, Bryce revealed that he had to move to Melbourne to assist Melissa with MAFS fans’ attention and the media, an unlikely decision he would have made if there had been a messy split. The pair then disclosed to New Idea in July 2021 that they were not only engaged but were expecting twins. 


“It all occurred pretty quickly,” Bryce revealed to the magazine. Mel continued, “It has been a whirlwind, although we’re overjoyed.”


That said, the MAFS coupled had their twins in October 2021, which made them only the second MAFS couple to have kids, thanks to the show connection. 

2. Rebecca and Jake 

Jake admired Rebecca at the first encounter at the chapel, but that wasn’t the case with her. She seemed barely enthusiastic about sticking with Jake at the altar, let alone after the marriage


“He’s gazing at me like I’m sex on some kind of stick,” Rebecca said, before listing his flaws, such as his lack of a tie and the fact that his tattoos are apparent.


Despite having their highlights, it was written in the stars that it would take an impossible miracle for their relationship to work. It was an irregular balance of intimacy; to top it off, they lived in their respective birth towns. And it all ended for good when a video came out of Beck and an Ex making out. 


Jake then embarked on a brief romance with wellness star Sophie Guidolin before finding true love with Clare. Elsewhere, Beck is seeing Ben Michell and is anticipating their first baby.

3. Samantha and Cameron 

Samantha and Cameron’s connection was immediate on their bridal day, and it looked like the relationship gurus got it right. However, everything began to fall apart after they slept together, and Cameron revealed that he had zero emotional bonds with her.


On top of that, Cameron shared a secret kiss with her before the two of them purposefully decided to call an end to the project. “I came searching for someone authentic, a man,” Samantha stated during their last Commitment Ceremony. “I didn’t have high hopes going into this. I truly gave it my best; I gave it all.” 

4. Booka and Brett

Even though the possibility of Brett and Booka being the ultimate perfect couple to ever come from MAFS was visible, their relationship crumbled down like a house of cards. 


The Wash was observed on Instagram when a mental health professional and rock musician Booka attended a MAFS party in Perth when the marriage ceremony premiered; instead, Brett was not present. And to top it off, the footage shows her looking downcast.


On the other hand, Booka wrote a telling song whose lyrics sang, “I’m coming for you, boy, there’s some nonsense on your face,” and “You’ve destroyed all of your attraction because you’re so repetitive. You’re so simple that my hymen has retaped.” 


Booka has additionally been alleged to have an intimate relationship with Jake, and Brett acknowledged to WHO that he should have been paired with “a mom.” It’s no news; the pair called it quits.


“I’ve penned down leave; however, it’s a cheerful grin and a flower wreath as Brett’s a legend,” Booka remarked, noting that the emotional side of him had disappeared.


“I think there was a conflict of interest between us to attempt to comprehend each other, and things ultimately burst and straightened out.  I believe we discovered where we stood with others,” Brett explained.

5. Coco and Sam

Sam and Coco’s wedding wasn’t a fantasy as some fans thought. However, those who paid attention to the shrieks and side-eyes between the two on their vow-exchanging day would know that it was heading for doom.  


Slurs were hurled, tears were shed, and romance was quasi. And to make it worse, things didn’t look promising following their maiden Commitment Ceremony. However, many people saw this coming, and shortly after, they agreed to abandon the project.


In a briefly worded statement, the bride said, “It’s been a great time, buddy.” A piece of information that gave fans little to read into.  

6. Jo and James

The MAFS wouldn’t be complete without an unlikely couple pairing. When insecure mom and hairdresser Jo was paired with premium car brand owner James, viewers were perplexed from the onset.


“Our chemistry is like a raging fire, but while talking to him, I spotted him wearing a Rolex watch, and from then, I knew we were not from the same reality.” Jo blatantly stated on their material day. 


Things went left quickly as James playfully professed his feelings for love specialist Alessandra during their second Ceremony, and everything concluded with the two opting to depart. “I don’t believe he likes being advised by ladies. I shouldn’t have left my boys to entertain him, “Jo informed WHO.

7. Alana and Jason

When Jason met Alana at the chapel, there was a timid embarrassment, but after expressing their intense attraction, viewers had great expectations for the pair. 


Alana was probed on her relationship with Jason while on the Hit Network’s Cosi, Bec, and Lehmo somewhere in February. While she avoided giving clues, the MAFS spouse indicated they were happy together. 


“We’re doing amazing,” She stated while on the radio.


They finally confirmed they had quit the relationship while on a reunion. Reports from So Dramatic! The podcast reveals the duo broke up over text. Unfortunately, Alana was dumped via text after leaked homophobic footage that was now on open about Liam Cooper, the bisexual contestant.  


“Jason abandoned Alana through a text message after the last vows as she confronted him over “homophobic ideas” and said she didn’t support the footage he produced!”

8. Belinda and Patrick

Based on their encounter at the chapel, Patrick pointed out that it was indeed made special. He said he believed she was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen in his lifetime. 


On the other hand, viewers knew the duo was still together after pictures by The Wash clearly showed Patrick still having his wedding ring while dancing in Sydney with his buddies. Even though they stayed together for months, they ultimately broke up somewhere in July 2021. 


Belinda later told WHO that even though their relationship was one made in heaven, some things, such as their life goals and love perspective, didn’t match. “As you progress ahead in the future, you must be both moving in the same way toward the common future that couples desire,” she stated.

9. Beth and Russell

Without beating around the bush, Russell and Beth’s relationship wasn’t one to expect much from.  The two liked water and oil on their wedding day; their respective friends and families didn’t make it to the occasion based on Covid regulations. 


And barely months before the show, The Wash received an exclusive message from a mysterious lady who identified being with Russell, who was said to have spilled the beans regarding his relationship at a Sydney Bar.


“When all questioned if they were still a couple, he kept exhibiting his bare ring finger,” the female’s text added. “I believe he said he tried to reach  approximately six weeks.”  

10. Georgia and Liam

Many viewers did not support the outed nature of Liam, who was bisexual. Although Georgia and Liam seemed to match and bond well, the duo wouldn’t be able to fight a possible relationship.


“I feel that anything you did previously has gotten you to where you are. The only thing that matters is that you’re suitable for me. “Georgia revealed a question was asked about Liam’s sexual orientation.


Despite sharing several pleasant memories, the pair had disagreements, especially regarding how Liam behaved at the last dinner and the shocking homophobic videotape in which Georgia appeared.


The pair’s dinner and vows were just the icings on the cake. However, the two are in excellent condition with each other even though they aren’t together anymore. 


“G, I truly wish things had turned out better for us. I want others to get into our brains and that we communicate better. I wish you the best of luck in your earthly existence and hope that you meet the man you’re seeking. I apologise; it’s not me, “Liam posted on Instagram

11. Kerry and Johnny

Johnny and Kerry’s first encounter was a fantastic experience for the pair. It was infatuation at first sight. And while they were initially married before the encounter, it seemed to be a perfect, undescribable scenario for “Jerry.”


In their vows, the couple pledged to stay together through thick and thin and are still together to date. On the six-month love anniversary, Johnny went all out on Instagram and outlined that his relationship with Kerry was “The biggest risk I’ve ever committed. The highest honour.”


Besides sharing a home in Brisbane, they’re a lovely parent to their fur baby named Enzo. And based on their relationship, it’s clear you can’t beat fate. 

12. Jaimie and Chris

The fans and viewers knew that should the duo(Chris and Jaimie) have made it past the wedding, happy and appreciative of each other, the viewers would have been perplexed based on the little details they picked up on following their first encounter. 


Even though things weren’t awfully awkward during their marriage ceremony, the outburst came to light when Jaimie called the groom a “dirty grot” for failing to clean his hands during their honeymoon.  


It became no secret that the pair weren’t together when Jaimie was spotted somewhere in Byron Bay chilling with Aggi(Bachelorette star) on December 2020. To top it off, Chris left the show after Jaimie mentioned that it was not worth staying at the ceremony just for the cameras. 


“I travelled here to offer my soul, and I did. I hope I come across the one I’m destined to meet and that, hopefully, they feel the same way, too, “Chris stated.


Jaimie hit back via a post stating, “It’s been completely frustrating to make my truth and be held responsible for another person’s fears.”

All In All

MAFS created an opportunity and environment for two uniquely different people to share ideas, bonds, and affection, which would hopefully transform into something unique and worthwhile. While many pairs failed the test, some made the most of the opportunity and are all smiles to date. And though it must have been hard for couples to create a bond with someone they’ve just met, those who succeeded invested a lot physically and mentally to get to where they’re. 


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