Married At First Sight Contestants 2022

Married At First Sight Contestants 2022

In 2022, the contestants of the popular reality TV MAFS had big shoes to fill as in the previous season; the show had delivered on real-life love and attracted 1.4 million viewership during the finale. 


Two couples, Kerry Knight, Johnny Balbuziente, Bryce Ruthven, and Melissa Rawson, were still together a year after MAFS’s eighth season’s finale aired. 


The experts got it right in 2021, asking whether they could achieve this in two consecutive seasons. 


The 2022 season also saw the return of three relationship experts, Alessandra Rampollo, Mel Schilling, and John Alken. 


Nevertheless, MAF’s most essential part is meeting the new grooms and brides searching for love in the most unlikely places. 


Fans have various contestants to look forward to in 2022, from social media influencers and DJs to business executives, hair stylists, models, and florists. 


Read on to find out 2022’s MAF cast, which includes six new entrants. 

2022’s Married At First Sight Cast

1. Ella Ding

Ella Ding

Image Source- Instagram

Ella is a 27-year-old beautician who is recognisable from the first teaser the show released and is friends with previous MAF contestants. 


She’s described as edgy and hot and is known for being an unapologetic straightforward individual who tends to overshare a bite. She hates lazy and close-minded dudes. 


Before joining the show, Ella had been single for nine years, and she was on a quest to find a life partner who would triple up as her number-one fan and best friend. 


Ella firmly believes that strong sexual chemistry is essential for healthy relationships. Therefore besides being a life partner, she was also looking to have strong sexual chemistry with someone.  

2. Domenica Calarco

Domenica Calarco

Image Source- Instagram

28-year-old Domenica Carco is a make-up artist described as passionate, loyal, and outgoing. Being a divorcee, Domenica was in search of a lasting relationship. 


Her previous marriage lasted two months, but she’d been with her partner for four years before they decided to get hitched. 


The short marriage left her feeling like a failure, and while she was afraid to put herself out there, she was still optimistic about happily ever after with a big family.  

3. Olivia Frazer

Olivia Frazer

Image Source- Instagram

27-year-old Olivia is a teaching student from New South Wales, and after continuously choosing the wrong guy, she joined MAFS to get help finding a nice guy. 


Olivia had taken a break from relationships to care for her terminally ill father. Consequently, her Saturday nights consisted of watching movies and knitting. 


Olivia has a lot of love to give but requires some assistance building her self-confidence. Hopefully, the experts will pair her with the perfect guy.   

4. Holly Greenstein

Holly Greenstein

Image Source- Instagram

Holly is a 36-year-old cinema manager desperate to meet the love of her life to actualise her dream of becoming a mother. 


Holy had almost found love with her ex, where she played the role of stepmother to his kids. Unfortunately, her dreams of settling with him ended after he informed her that he didn’t want to have any more kids. 


She’s honest and open about her biological clock, and she’s hoping the experts will be able to match her up with a great partner. 

5. Selin Mengu

Selin Mengu

Image Source- Instagram

This thirty-two-year-old executive assistant and model will be going on a first date in three years when she gets hitched in 2022’s MAFS. After giving birth to her son in 2019, Selin put brakes on relationships to focus on her son. 


Selin hopes not to let her mom’s guilt not get in the way of her finding a good man and true love. She wants a faithful, honest partner and plans to be in her and her son’s life forever. 

6. Samantha Moitzi

Samantha Moitzi

Image Source- Instagram

Samantha is a 26-year-old brand manager whose job has taken up so0 much time that she barely has time to look for her soulmate. 


Samantha’s last relationship lasted four years and ended abruptly when she discovered her boyfriend had cheated. The betrayal left her with trust issues, and it devastated her. 


Now that she’s picked up the pieces, her co has high expectations and knows that her new partner will have to go over and beyond to make her fall in love with him. 

7. Tamara Djordjevic

Tamara Djordjevic

Image Source- Instagram

Keep your eyes peeled on this 29-year-old operations manager from Queensland that describes herself as an alpha. 


Tamara is independent and has her own home, and she’s very ambitious and successful in her career. She’s looking for a partner who matches her drive and energy. 


The only caveat is that she gets bored easily and needs help from the experts to build a lasting relationship with a partner that meets her high standards. 

8. Selina Chhaur

Selina Chhaur

Image Source- Instagram

This 32-year-old award-winning hairstylist has been featured in several dating series like the proposal, where she had a short-lived fling with Aaron Shaw, a former love island star. 


Selina is an independent businesswoman with a home, searching for someone to raise a family with. According to Selian, if her parents had their way, she’d probably be married to a rich Asian man. 


Selina is out to prove her parents wrong by succeeding in her search for true love and her career. 

9. Al Perkins

Al Perkins

Image Source- Instagram

Described as lovable and cheeky, AI is a carpenter from New South Wales. He’s never been in a serious relationship and feels it’s time for him to grow up. He still lives with his parents, who do all his washing, cleaning, and cooking.   


The biggest roadblock to AI’s search for love is the fear of rejection, and he’s worried about what will happen when he meets his bride for the first time at the altar. 

10. Anthony Cincotta

Anthony Cincotta

Image Source- Instagram

38-year-old Antony is described as a stereotypical guy from a romance novel. He works in sales and is also a pro wrestler, and his alter ego is called Tommy Hellfire. 


With all this going for him, it’s weird that he’s still single. Antony claims he gets attention but always ends up choosing the wrong partner. He’s looking to the experts to help him find a woman that’ll match his excitement for life and drive. 


The woman must also love kids, as he has a nine-year-old daughter. 

11. Andrew Davis

This 39 year old larger than life Texan is a new addition to the cast and has two marriages under his belt. Andrew moved to Aussie in 2018 while he was still married to his second wife. 


Even though their marriage didn’t work, they share joint custody of their two-year-old daughter. Andrew’s looking for a partner that’s keen to have children and can match his sense of humour and spontaneity. 

12. Cody Bromley

Cody Bromley

Image Source- Instagram

30-year-old personal trainer and swim trainer Cody spent most of his 20s touring the world, finally deciding to give love a chance. Described as easygoing, Cody is searching for a life partner. 


Cody likes spending his afternoons at the beach in Sydney with his friends, and he’s searching for someone with whom he can continue sharing his adventures. Even though he has several walls up, like not liking PDA, he hopes the right woman will accept and love him for who he is. 

13. Brent Vitiello

33-year-old Brent is an influencer who lived and worked in Dubai for seven years as an events manager and has returned to Australia recently. He came back to Australia during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


He’s determined to rebuild his life; he plans to do this by finding a partner. According to his bio, he’s a non-judgemental and sensitive guy who requires that his partner’s feet are well-maintained at all times. 

14. Jackson Lonie

Described as outgoing and upbeat, 30-year-old Jackson Lonie is a Victoria-based plumber that considers himself the class clown.


He’s the firstborn among five children and took on the role of protector to his mom and sisters early on. 


He protected his siblings from a violent stepfather; from a young age, he was determined to keep all his family members safe. 


Due to his experience, Jackson has a deep respect for women and is searching for a woman with whom he can build a lasting, committed relationship. 

15. Jack Millar

This 26-year-old dog dad, DJ, and financial planner is described as likable and charismatic. During the weekdays, he’s in his 9-5, and he hopes to find a partner who can share his passion for adventure and music during the weekends.


He’s searching for a partner willing to try anything, passionate and fun. 

16. Mitch

This 26-year-old model and financial planner from Queensland is tired of online dating. Mitch has never spent over two consecutive nights with a woman but claims his womaniser image isn’t who he is.


He admits that the esports have their work cut out for them and hopes to find a genuine lasting relationship. 

17. Carolina

33-year-old Carolina is described as filter free and passionate. She has one child, whom she got when she was 15. She’s raised her son as a single mom with her family’s support. 


Her son, who is now 16, has shaped her dating life, and she’s had difficulty finding the perfect match. 

18. Kate

This 27-year-old has never been in a relationship, and many rejections have characterised her dating life. She lives with her single twin sister and hopes the experts can help her change her routine of spending her night solo. 

19. Jessica

Jesicca is a Victoria-based retail assistant that prides herself in remaining optimistic regardless of what life throws at her. Her best friends are her parents, and she hopes to find a relationship that withstands the test of time, like her parents’ marriage has. 


At age 12, she lost her sister to cancer and thus became an only child. Consequently, she fears abandonment, which extends to her dating life. Jessica sought experts’ help after continuously choosing partners that mistreated her. 

20. Dion

33-year-old Dio loves the finer things in life, like helicopters, boats, cars, and designer clothes, and would be the perfect match for Tamara if she wasn’t already taken. 


Despite living a glamorous life, Dion is caring, kind, and generous. Being a family fan, he’s looking for someone to raise a big Italian family with. 

21. Daniel

After a turbulent childhood, 30-year-old Daniel turned to fitness and eventually became a fitness trainer. Daniel and his siblings lived with their parents after their parents divorced. 


His father was unstable as an alcoholic, and at 17, he experienced more tragedy as his elder brother died by suicide. 


Daniel is looking for a partner, and as a father figure to his seven-year-old niece, he’s also looking for someone who can help build a stable and healthy family environment for her. 

22. Matthew

39-year-old Matthew is no stranger to marriage, having made a journey on the aisle. Matthew and his ex divorced seven years after tying the knot, and he’s been single ever since. 


Matt and his ex underwent numerous IVFs before adopting children, but eventually, the heartache and stress of wanting their own children made them break up. 


Matt still hopes to become a dad someday and believes he’ll fall in love again. 

23. Tina Burke

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