Top 7 Places to Find Stylish Soft Butch Wedding Attire

Top 7 Places to Find Stylish Soft Butch Wedding Attire

Top 7 Places to Find Stylish Soft Butch Wedding Attire

Having a difficult time choosing a wedding dress that’s perfect for your wedding? We got you!


You should get to wear the dress of your choice, one that perfectly reflects your taste and personality, when you finally say your vows. You should feel beautiful and unique on your big day. 

Where to Buy Soft Butch Wedding Looks

First off, it is common knowledge that the perfect outfit for someone is an outfit that is specifically tailored for their body. Tailoring your wedding dress can, however, be quite challenging and expensive. Most people, therefore, opt to buy or rent their wedding dress. 


We do not recommend shopping for your dress online. Online shopping is often disappointing, especially when it comes to clothes. If you choose to, be professionally fitted, and you have to send your body measurements after finding your fit. 


Here are seven of the most popular stores to get your soft-butch dress or a tomboy suit. 

1. Haute and Butch

Haute and Butch

Whether you are going for a soft-butch, a masculine female suit or an androgynous outfit, this is the perfect shop. They sell footwear, dress shirts, and all your other wedding outfits. 

2. Clothier Duchess 

Clothier Duchess


This is a small clothing line that sells custom style premium outfits. The shop was established in 2005 and has dedicated itself to bringing passion and style to your wardrobe. They provide one on one sessions for brides interested in buying their outfits. They are very understanding as they help their client realise their dream.  


They sell suits, shoes, accessories, etc.

3. Bindle


This is a company that sells custom-tailored suits. They are located in Brooklyn. Their outfits have personalised styles. Therefore, every custom-tailored suit is different from the next. 


They are a big icon in the LGBTQ fashion industry.  

4. Suiting Sharpe 

Suiting Sharpe

With the outfits from this company, you get to become who you want to be. They do not believe in a gender gap when it comes to looks. Therefore, they have thoughtful wedding outfit designs that suit the bride’s taste. 


They provide consultations that last up to one hour with their designers. They have software that helps take down the bride’s measurements as accurately as possible for that perfectly fitting wedding outfit. Their clothes are unique. 

5. Co and Jag

Co and Jag

The company was founded in 2013 but has already gained popularity. Their clothes are perfect for both women and men. Their bold colours and fun patterns are what separate them from other clothing lines. At their shop, there is always something for the client. The designers are innovative and recycle every new piece, button or zipper. 

6. Tailory NYC

Tailory NYC

The company is based in New York. Its clients have to make appointments in advance. Their products are designed, styled, fitted, and tailored by their designers to create the perfect outfit. 


They feel that all outfits should be different and be a statement. They design their outfits to suit their clients’ tastes personally. They draw their inspiration from Cary Grant and Sean Connery and channel that into every outfit. 

7. Kipper Clothiers

Kipper Clothiers

This clothing line involves their client throughout the designing processes of the outfit to make the perfectly designed custom-made suit. They take their client’s desires and opinions seriously, shown in their outfits. 


The client chooses the fabric of choice. They also get to choose the cut and details of the design. The outfit is fitted onto the client’s body. The testimonials are the proof you need. 

Bottom Line

Love should be celebrated. It is essential to get the right outfit that matches your taste and personality. The outfits should be perfect fitting, trendy and well-designed. All the above-listed shops offer. 


You’ll know that an ill-fitting attire suit you are looking for is in advance to make things easier for you. You should also ensure that you are actively involved in the entire design and fitting process. Good luck in finding your outfit. 


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