What to Wear on a Beach Wedding?

What to Wear on a Beach Wedding?

Many engaged couples see a beach wedding as their fairytale, but guests may need help dressing. Compared to a cocktail party, a semi-formal gathering, or a formal dinner, the dress code for a “beach” event is more fantastic. The season, the weather, and the venue all play a role in determining what you should wear.

Weddings on the beach are like mini-vacations in and of themselves. If you get a wedding invitation to a destination wedding in the tropics, you may feel unprepared. How people dress for a beach wedding depends on the venue and the vibe they’re going for. 

Remember that beach wedding attire is more refined than your typical sundress or shorts. While a complete suit or evening gown may not be required, you should still dress appropriately for a wedding. T-shirts and flip-flops are inappropriate for a beach wedding, no matter how casual the venue is.

You’ve found the proper spot to get information on what to wear to a wedding on the beach. Find complete details about guest clothing for a beach wedding. We’ll talk about how to choose the level of formality for a beach wedding and what men and women should wear. This article has also compiled a list of the top beach wedding guest outfits available.

What Is A Beach Wedding Attire?

What Is A Beach Wedding Attire

Although formal, casual attire is often assumed for beach weddings, this is only sometimes the case. Bright colours, lightweight fabrics, and simple accessories are usual for both men and women during beach weddings. 

Men at beach weddings often wear dress slacks or chinos with a button-down shirt. Women who like mid- or short-sleeved garments might choose jumpsuits and fancy rompers. In need of a Melbourne-based wedding photographer? Stop right there. Brighton Savoy has created a comprehensive list of Melbourne wedding photographers to assist you in making your decision.

Check the forecast beforehand if you plan to fly across the country to attend a beach wedding. The climate is almost always tropical or at least warm, regardless of the time of year. Choosing a suitable fabric is essential for your beach wedding dress

Breathable materials like linen and cotton are essential for time spent outside. Wearing a jacket made of wool and another fabric is also acceptable.

Let’s say you’re looking for some colourful accents to add to your outfit. You can create a patterned tie or a set of colourful statement earrings at a seaside wedding. It is also acceptable to go sockless while donning a pair of trendy sandals or loafers.

Things To Consider When Dressing For A Beach Wedding

Things To Consider When Dressing For A Beach Wedding


Oh, the outside world! She usually maintains a pleasant breeze at the beach, but you never know when a storm may come in, or a heat wave can begin, leaving you soaked in sweat while wearing a sundress. Simple is what we suggest:

Consider the weather prediction before dressing.

Wear lightweight materials that won’t stick to your skin and keep you cool in the sun.

Wear chiffon, linen, organza, and cotton blends to be comfortable in the sun.


A beach wedding dress should be airy and vibrant. Wearing dark colours on the beach on a bright, sunny day is inappropriate. If the bride has specified a colour scheme for the event, it is essential to consider it and choose colours that will look well against your complexion.



Although beach weddings tend to be more relaxed than other sorts of weddings, if the beach wedding you’re attending is a formal occasion, you shouldn’t show up in anything too casual.

The majority of beach nuptials adhere to a relaxed dress code. Women should wear a simple sundress, while men should dress in khaki or linen shorts and a shirt. Daytime beach weddings often allow guests to wear sandals, bare feet or flip-flops.

Celebrations in the evening often follow semi-formal beach weddings. Even if the weather is still mild, the males of the bridal party should dress semi-formally in khaki, linen or seersucker trousers, a button-down shirt and a sports coat. 

Dresses of cocktail or tea length that are constructed of a luxurious fabric are perfect for ladies. Chiffon, organza, and chiffon are all lovely choices because of their sophistication and ease of wear.

Weddings on the beach may be formal if you want them to be! Most of these gatherings have evening receptions with cocktails and food. Women often wear gowns that reach the floor, while males almost always wear suits.


Formal weddings on the beach are typical, although they are rare. A reception is frequently held in the evening after the majority of these ceremonies, and it usually begins with a cocktail hour and is then followed by dinner. Dresses for women that extend to the floor are the required length, while men are supposed to wear suits.


Shoes 1

Beach wedding shoes are more important than you believe, although wearing shoes on the sand for a wedding ceremony can seem foolish. What kind of footwear do you find most comfortable wearing on the beach? Does anybody show up in flip-flops to the wedding? 

Whether you have your wedding on a boardwalk or inside a venue, your feet will appreciate having something to rest on throughout the ceremony.

At a casual beach wedding, men are welcome to wear leather flip-flops or other sandals; however, a pair of loafers or boat shoes in a light shade is almost always a safe option.

Even if the wedding is formal, you shouldn’t wear sandals with wedges or heels that are too high for the beach. Choose a pair of dressy gladiator sandals or ballerina flats if you seek comfortable and attractive shoes. When going to a formal wedding held by the water, it is recommended that you bring an extra pair of stilettos with you, just in case.


You will want to ensure that your hair and makeup look perfect for all your pictures with your loved ones and friends. When maintaining one’s hair, numerous standards may be followed.

When you’re at a beach with a lot of wind, you don’t want your hair to blow in your eyes, stick to your makeup, or otherwise make you seem unkempt. If you keep your long hair out of your face, a chic clip or bobby pins can be a fantastic solution. 

Your hair will be kept off your neck and held in place by an updo, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed.



You shouldn’t go to a seaside wedding with a smoky eye or dark, vampy lipstick. Sweat can make your eye and foundation makeup smudge or run, so avoiding wearing too much makeup if you’re going out in the heat is best.

If you’ll be out all night or at a wedding party that wants to look picture-perfect all night, invest in a cosmetic setting spray or powder. Remember to bring your water-resistant mascara.

It can produce a beautiful bridal look without resorting to heavy, distracting makeup. A little application of foundation and some mascara is all needed to get that fresh, dewy beach look. Use a coral or pink lip shade and a pastel eyeliner to add colour to your face without being too bold.

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

When deciding what to wear, remember that the event is semi-formal. Wearing a skimpy sundress or shorts at a beach wedding is only appropriate if instructed to do so by the bride and groom. 

If you are still determining the level of formality expected for the wedding, go to the invitation or the couple’s wedding website. This might be useful when selecting what to dress for an evening wedding, which is often more formal. 

The location may also serve as a data point. The bridal party at a formal beach ceremony will wear fancier garb than guests at a more relaxed celebration on the sand. If you want additional details, visit the newlyweds’ wedding website. 

In this section, your future spouse may provide more specific information about their preferred clothing style, which may be helpful when deciding what to wear on the big day.

Beach Formal

A traditional seaside wedding calls for a dress, a suit, or a jumpsuit. Use plain, light colours like cream or beige and breathable fabrics instead of dark colours like black and white. 

Tea-length skirts and jumpsuits might be appropriate for a formal beach outing. Put on something with a bit of eroticism, like metallic or lace. Wear dressy sandals or shoes with thick heels if you must walk on the sand. Consider wearing heels unless the reception is held on a beach.

Wear a suit or dress trousers and a long-sleeved shirt with a tie. Avoid primary colours like black, beige, and white in favour of a light summer suit. Linen, khaki, and seersucker are other great fabric choices. Dress shoes or a sharp pair of shoes that complement the pants are required. Shorts and sandals are not permitted.

Beach Semi-Formal

Beach Semi-Formal

Dresses, tuxedos, elegant rompers, or jumpsuits are acceptable alternatives to formal wear for these occasions. It’s OK to wear prints, but loud or garish patterns should be avoided. Try a tea-length or maxi dress if you’re worried about seeming too laid-back in your beachwear. 

You may wear wedge heels or clunky sandals to a formal affair. Brighton Savoy has created a list of Melbourne’s top photo booth rental services to assist you in making this critical decision.

A breathable jacket or sports coat will do the task. Loafers and deck shoes with closed toes may be worn casually. Shorts and sandals are not permitted.

Beach Casual

Pick a breezy maxi dress, a simple sundress, or a relaxed romper. Dress sandals are OK, but avoid wearing flip-flops or other casual footwear. Shirts with short sleeves, such as polos, and shorts with a belt, such as chinos, are appropriate. 

Use brighter hues and bolder designs to jazz up your casual outfit. Refrain from showing up in shorts, swimwear or baggy jeans. The government plans to seize all cotton t-shirts. Shoes without closed toes should not be worn. When in doubt, slip into a pair of loafers or deck shoes.

Women’s Beach Wedding Attire

Women’s Beach Wedding Attire

  • What kind of attire is appropriate for a ceremony held on the beach? A gorgeous maxi dress comes highly recommended by us. A maxi dress has a loose fit, especially at the bottom, which enables you to quickly sweep it through the sand and wash it clean on land before wearing it to an event that will take place near the water.
  • If the invitation instructs you to dress formally for the beach, a long, gorgeous gown is the best option to fulfil the request.
  • Dresses that are either short or tea length are perfect for semi-formal beach wear since they do not drag in the sand and can be transitioned tastefully from the beach to a restaurant or a function at a seaside hotel.

Best Beach Wedding Guest Dresses 

Weddings on the beach may be both beautiful and challenging to dress for. Like any wedding, you’ll want to dress to impress, but you’ll also need to consider the sand, sea spray, and oppressive heat that you’ll be experiencing on the big day. 

The secret to nailing the perfect style? Wear flat shoes instead of stilettos and choose the most elegant but practical outfits for the seaside wedding.

Look for fashions with a flowing shape and made with lightweight materials like linen and viscose, says Suzanne Smallshaw, senior director of fashion and styling at Rent the Runway. 

You can stay comfortable and relaxed in these fabrics while dancing all night on the beach. Smallshaw recommends a dress with breathable stretch if you like a closer fit. This way, you may relax through the ceremony in the afternoon and into the sunset drinks in the evening. 

Be bold and use vibrant colours and bold patterns. Smallshaw recommends drawing motivation from happy spring 2023 fashions. She advises choosing bold designs and revealing elements like cutouts. “This summer’s most popular themes include playful pleats, sunset-inspired colours, and mermaid-esque silhouettes.”

Black tie event on the beach? Consider a long slipdress with a striking geometric pattern. Go for a lovely puff-sleeve maxi or an elegant lace mini with a somewhat looser fit if the invitation calls for semiformal or cocktail clothes. 

Smallshaw recommends classic beach accessories like straw purses, gold jewellery, and pearls to elevate your beach-chic ensemble.

You can do the legwork and enlist Smallshaw’s advice to locate the 25 most perfect beach wedding guest gowns for every kind of seaside celebration, whether at home or on distant beaches. Just relax, feel the sea air, and soak up some rays of sunlight.

Eloquii One-Shoulder Kaftan

Caftans are a light, fuss-free option for covering up in ultra-toasty areas where you don’t want to show too much flesh. This multicoloured iteration will indeed be recognised as one of the finest dressed. It’s constructed from soft rayon and features a convenient side zipper for putting on and taking off.

Simkhai Alfie Dress

Simkhai Alfie Dress

The Simkhai Alfie Dress is a breathtaking and adaptable garment that exudes class and sophistication. This dress is created from breathable materials like linen and viscose and has a loose, comfortable fit. These fabrics circulate air, keeping you cool and comfortable even during the hottest beach parties.

The Alfie Dress by Simkhai complements your form while letting you move freely, making it perfect for a night out on the dance floor. It has a fitted bodice and a full skirt for a feminine and attractive silhouette. From the afternoon ceremony to the sunset drinks, you’ll be at ease in this dress thanks to its delicate stretch materials.

Banana Republic Isa Cotton-Silk Dress

This silky cotton-silk midi dress can effortlessly transition from weekend brunch to wedding-ready attire with delicate jewellery and block heels shoes. In addition to being available in a wide variety of sizes, it has straps that can be adjusted and pockets that are convenient to use.

Carnation Pink and Clementine Leaf Print Dress

Although Solid & Striped is most known for the cult-favourite swimwear it produces, you should pay attention to the label’s more recent products in the ready-to-wear category. 

This funky patterned bodycon has a lightweight fit and two side slits, making it great for travelling on sandy coasts. The 1970s are brought back to life with just the right amount of nostalgia in this bodycon.

Rhode Alber Dress

The vibrant and detailed prints created by Rhode are among my very favourites. This beautiful piece from the company, which has a deep jewel-tone pattern, will likely stand out against various skin tones. It has a keyhole feature, a halter neckline with straps, and a tiered skirt, all adding further intrigue.

Reformation Selia Linen Dress

This plunge-back maxi dress made of linen is simple but attractive, and it will keep you cool even during the warmest beachside weddings. The exact shape and colour give you plenty of flexibility regarding accessorising for the several weddings you have scheduled.

Red Heliconia Midi Dress

A wedding in paradise requires a dress that exudes pleasure and makes a bold statement. Farm Rio, a designer in Rio de Janeiro, is an expert in those, as seen by this colourful tropical-print midi dress with voluminous sleeve puffs and front-to-back slits.

Blue Jacquard Mini Dress

Wrap dresses made of silk are versatile garments that can be dressed up or down quickly and flatter almost any body shape. Even when the wedding is done, this ocean-blue version with a jacquard design is sure to become an indispensable part of one’s summer wardrobe, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Christian Dress

This gorgeous chiffon dress by up-and-coming designer Christy Lynn is one of my new favourite wardrobe acquisitions, and it would be an excellent choice for a wedding held by the water. 

Lynn’s Korean origin and her love of Parisian fashion inspired this dress, which has bespoke blossoms that have been hand-painted and a very flattering fit, owing to an adjustable waist tie and an attached slip.

Angelina Dress

Smallshaw also recommends the Angeline dress by A.L.C., which combines elements of two prominent fashion trends for the summer and is versatile enough to be worn on several occasions that fall into the semiformal category. 

This Barbie-pink gown features lovely pleating, making it ideal for breezy summer evenings spent on the beach while yet giving off an air of extreme sophistication.

Moniq Maxi Dress

This whimsical dress by Rixo made of a lightweight gauze material and has an embroidered motif inspired by the sea, may be the only garment that seems more appropriate for a semi-formal beach wedding. Include some splashes of colour in your cheeky outfit by accessorising with a colourful purse and a pair of mules.

Radley Dress

This traditional Veronica Beard dress has a drop-waist style, a beautiful striped pattern, and a crossing halter neck. It is the perfect choice for a wedding at a gorgeous European seaside. 

Complete the ensemble by donning a pair of low braided wedges, which will provide stability both on the beach and at the cliffside villa, where you will have beverages after the ceremony.

Neira Dress

Because ASTR the Label is such a terrific source for modern and reasonably priced occasionwear, he is considering purchasing this beautiful maxi from the company for a wedding held outside in the sunshine. 

The neckline has a little plunge, and the back is exposed for a feminine feature. It is highly recommended that you wear this dress and some of the most flattering nipple covers available.

Puff-Sleeve Eyelet Dress 

Finding lengthy wedding guest dresses that don’t need to be adjusted might be challenging for ladies of more diminutive stature; however, Anthropologie has several attractive alternatives with a bohemian flair. 

This eyelet version comes in six sizes for the petite woman (in addition to measures for the plus-size woman! ), and it is the ideal complement to your favourite pair of espadrille flatforms and a woven purse.

Mambo Maxi Dress 

This summer, you can expect to see the mermaid look just about everywhere. This strapless piece from the environmentally conscious resort wear and swimwear company Baboab is perfect for channelling your inner Ariel. 

This sophisticated maxi dress flaunts a stunning shine and an ombré colour palette ideal for the current season. It was virtually designed to be worn at a beach wedding. In addition, the cutouts in the design allow for airflow, and the form itself is reminiscent of an hourglass, yet it is comfortable enough to wear all night long.

Inku Cascade Dress

Are you just allowed to bring a carry-on suitcase to the wedding of your dreams? This lightweight cotton midi dress may be worn on and off the beach, saving you valuable room in your baggage. This item, along with the other ethical goods that Lemlem has to offer, is carefully and sustainably handmade by artisans in Ethiopia.

Ruffled Dress

The ruffle detail has recently grown in popularity, and the ruffles on this sophisticated maxi dress from Mango are given a more contemporary update. The gauzy purple gown gives off ethereal jellyfish vibes in the very best manner possible, thanks to its assortment of sheer, spindly embellishments.

Cutout Fringed Metallic Knitted Midi Dress

This gorgeous piece with fringed details indicates that you are ready to party. The swishy cabana-style embellishments will swing with every move you make, and the split in the back will make it easy for you to dance from dusk to daybreak. In addition to that, the fabric has a subtle metallic sheen, which gives it an additional flirtatious touch.

One-Shoulder Bouclé Minidress

Here is a cute little one with a pineapple design to go with the pina colada that will undoubtedly find its way into your hands. Even though the bouclé-style fabric of the dress is somewhat more robust than other fabrics of a lower weight, it is nevertheless breathable due to its high percentage of cotton.

Printed Silk Maxi Dress

This vibrant SIR. design takes the traditional silk maxi dress to the next level by adding an artistic, high-impact pattern, one-of-a-kind tailoring, and a vast side split to allow the wind in. You may play up the colours of the dress by picking matching yellow and orange accessories, or you can choose to use accessories with neutral tones instead.

Floral Print Satin Maxi Dress 

Floral Print Satin Maxi Dress

Are you in the market for a wedding on the beach? This vibrant red floral dress is constructed from lightweight polyester fabric and has a high split in the back so the skirt can flow and cool with the breeze. 


In addition to that, it includes spaghetti straps that cross in a crisscross pattern across the back, making it even more comfortable to wear in the heat. We suggest wearing it with understated accessories because it is already a good time.

The Louisa Nap Dress

Smocked bodices and puffy sleeves are now trending. This flowery summer dress is a great find that would look great at any seaside wedding. The ruffled details and square neckline are both fantastic. It’s also available in many various hues and designs. Dress it up with chunky shoes and silver jewellery, and you’ll be set for a cocktail party in this versatile piece.

Torrid Midi Rayon Slub Tiered Dress

This bright yellow midi dress has a sweetheart neckline and a tiered skirt, making it the perfect choice for a summertime beach wedding. What’s the most significant part? For your comfort and ease, it contains pockets.

Birdy Gray Lisa Midi Dress

A floor-length ball gown is not required to comply with a formal dress code, mainly if the wedding occurs on a beach. This midi-length dress in navy blue satin with a slip is a sophisticated option for a good beach wedding ensemble. There is a cowl neckline, and the straps are adjustable.

Petal and Pup Yelena Dress

Are you looking for a seaside wedding with cocktails? It’s impossible to make a mistake with a flowery midi dress. This attractive alternative in bright orange with quirky red blossoms would be an excellent choice for a seaside wedding. For a style that is right on trend, it boasts a flirtatious open back. To finish the ensemble, accessorise with gold jewellery and neutral heels.

ELOQUII Maxi Dress

You may float down the beach by wearing this light and airy pink maxi dress. This summer, you can be sure to turn heads with this dress thanks to its figure-flattering kimono sleeves, plunging V-neckline, and A-line design. In addition, it may be purchased in sizes ranging from 14 to 32 and is priced affordably.

New On The Scene Midi Dress

You shouldn’t feel like you have to stick with a one-piece fit. These days, coordinated ensembles are all the rage, and this particular set is just what you need for a laid-back beach wedding. Both the crop top and the midi skirt in navy blue have a charming flower pattern that is ideal for wearing to a wedding held in a tropical location.

Lulus Ready Jumpsuit

You also shouldn’t restrict yourself to only wearing skirts. A beautiful jumpsuit is an appropriate option for ladies to wear to a seaside wedding. This strapless hot pink jumpsuit with a front knot accent and wide-leg pantlegs is a choice on the cutting edge of a trend.

Show Me Your Mumu Dress

It should be fine for you if bold colours aren’t your thing. There is no shortage of tasteful attire for wedding guests on the subdued side. This tiered midi dress with lovely ruffles and a square neckline is a stunning choice for a seaside wedding. The length of the dress is about midi. Additionally, it is offered in a total of twelve distinct colour choices.

Old Navy Trousers 

Want to wear anything more than a dress to a wedding on the beach? You must have this linen pantsuit. The jacket has a plunging V-neckline with flap pockets, while the trousers have an elastic waistband and a wide-leg leg cut that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Wearing this outfit with bright sandals or heels is a must.

Pleated Halter Midi Dress

How about a garment in the deepest possible blue to match the sea? This one even features chic pleating for a wavy, seafaring appearance. This elegant beach wedding attire is created from lightweight satin fabric, making it easy to wear all day. In addition to that, it is available in a lovely shade of purple.

Ruffle Maxi Dress

Hello, halter top! This bright pink maxi dress is nearly tailor-made to be worn when lounging by the water. It has dramatic ruffling all around, and it has a beautiful open back. These are two of its primary qualities. This option will become one of your go-to choices during the whole summer wedding season.


Do you still need to prepare to make a purchase? Rent a dress instead of buying one. Colorblock patterns are gaining popularity among beach wedding attendees who care about their style. 


You will like flaunting this red and pink pleated midi dress on the dance floor. In addition, the vivid colours are an excellent choice for a wedding that will take place by the water.

Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

  • When attending a casual beach wedding, male attendees should dress in long trousers, a light-coloured button-down shirt, short or three-quarter sleeves, and a button-down collared shirt.
  • You should still wear acceptable attire for a formal beach event, which requires a suit and tie, even if the reception will be held on a yacht. This means that you should dress in a manner that is beach appropriate.
  • If you must wear semi-formal clothes for the beach wedding, wear trousers and a button-down shirt. Alternatively, you may omit the tie and wear only the jacket or vest from your suit! You may feel constrained and uncomfortable in this non-traditional location, which is particularly likely if the weather is hot or tropical.

Best Beach Wedding Guest Suits

Best Beach Wedding Guest Suits

The cotton and silk mixture creates a luxurious fabric. The investment in a Tom Ford suit is worth it because of the high quality and professional tailoring. An outdoor summer wedding on a perfect night has something extra special. 


Humidity and high temperatures are common for summer weddings, whether the ceremony or reception is inside, outside, or both. And nothing beats being stuck in a stuffy wedding suit for hours because it’s too hot to change.


That’s why it’s a good idea to have a summer wedding suit ready to go. Whether you’re the groom or a visitor, you’ll have a much better time if you don’t feel suffocating in your outfit. 


Linen and cotton are excellent choices for warm-weather occasions since they are lightweight and allow air to circulate easily. You may also choose from wool mixes that include linen, cotton, or silk. Avoid bulkier fabrics like thick wool or flannel; excellent quality wool is usually OK year-round.


In terms of hue, summer nuptials often allow for something lighter and brighter. Blue, milk, and grey are timeless, while bolder shades are perfect for drawing attention. 


Keep to the tried-and-true black and grey hues if you’re attending a formal wedding that requires or encourages guests to wear black ties. Keep earth tones like brown, burgundy, and deep green for the cooler months when they are more at home, as for an autumn or winter wedding.


Look at these finely tailored wedding suits—they’re just what you need for your next summer party.

Brunello Cucinelli Jacket

This suit is made entirely out of Italian linen, and it has notched lapels, patch pockets, and a double vent that allows it to maintain its shape even while the wearer is seated. The jacket may match the matching trousers or be worn for a more relaxed look.

Suit Supply Havana Suit

This suit’s light grey colour gives it an air of effortless sophistication, making it an ideal choice for a summer wedding. In addition to being constructed entirely of wool, it is so adaptable that it may be worn throughout every season.

Hawkes & Curtis Beige Herringbone

This linen suit has a herringbone pattern, giving it a beautiful feel. If beige is not your preferred colour, it is also available in royal blue, white,  and light blue.

ASOS Design Wedding Suit

This suit is so light blue that it nearly appears white, making it an ideal choice for a wedding on the beach. It is cut in a very slim silhouette and has a delicate check pattern.

Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit

This suit is perfect for a casual wedding due to the unstructured style of the jacket as well as the material, which is a combination of cotton and linen. It may be a great addition to your wardrobe because it may be worn in various settings and situations.

Stockport Wool Suit

This suit is perfect for wearing throughout the warmer months since it is constructed from a high-quality wool and linen combination. The hue, which is a deep blue, has a touch of seafaring about it as well.

Brooks Milano Suit

This suit is made from high-quality wool that was woven in Italy, and it has a trim fit and an exciting design. This has a more laid-back vibe thanks to the modest checks, and as a result, it would be perfect for an outside afternoon wedding.

Brunello Cucinelli Jacket

This suit combines linen and various fabrics, and it has a relaxed and easy feel to it overall. The herringbone hemp-blend pattern offers a unique texture and is exceptionally breathable and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for the warmest days of the year.

Moss London Suit

A rich navy blue hue like this one is appropriate for weddings at any time of the year, but it looks particularly stunning at a wedding held on the beach. The material is lightweight since it is made of linen, and the linen-polyester combination prevents it from creasing and wrinkling nearly as readily as pure linen.

John Varvatos Suit

This suit is made of wool and has a subtly patterned fabric that lends it an air of refined sophistication. We are big fans of the blue since it has a contemporary and energising vibe without being too daring.

Brunello Cucinelli Jacket

This outfit is constructed from wool, silk, and linen. As a result, it may be worn in a wider variety of seasons than would be the case with linen alone, which only seem to be acceptable during the warmer months. The hue lends an air of sophistication and solemnity to the overall appearance.

ASOS Design Jacket

This suit’s off-white colour is one of our favourite features since it exudes a timeless and breezy vibe. When worn with the vest, it creates a particularly stunning appearance.

Crew Ludlow Jacket

This model demonstrates how the narrow cut of the suit works well with more casual pieces, such as shoes and a pullover. It’s constructed of wool that works well in all seasons, so it may also be dressed up for a less formal wedding.

Indochino Hamilton Suit

This sharkskin wool suit is everything from dull thanks to the garment’s textural sharkskin pattern. This one is perfect for every season since it is not only fashionable but also quite flexible.

State and Liberty Suit

This vibrant sea green hue is one of a kind and distinctive, and it has a vibe that is just right for a summer gathering. This one will keep you cool and comfortable since it is constructed out of stretchy, comfy fabric and lined with a dress shirt fabric that is breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

JOE Joseph Suit

The tan linen is relatively fresh, perfect for a hot summer day. This one is breathable and comfy, and it may also be worn as pieces for a more laid-back look.

Moss London Suit

This three-piece suit has a modern hue and it has a melange texture, both of which make it fascinating to look at. Additionally, it is constructed using a combination of recycled fibres, so you may wear it without feeling guilty about polluting the environment.

Oliver Wicks W Suit 

The khaki hue is unique, particularly in the texture of the cloth, because it is constructed of 100% Italian linen, known for its breathability. As seen in this example, it goes particularly well with blue.

Tom Ford Shelton Jacket

A stunning fabric is produced by combining cotton with silk in the proper proportions. Because Tom Ford suits are of such high quality and skillfully fitted, the investment in one is well worth it, particularly for a colour that can be worn in various settings like black.

Stretch Suit Shorts and Jacket

Men’s attire to beach weddings, particularly during the warmer months, tends to be more laid-back. If the wedding is during the day and the dress code is informal, a decent method to combat the heat is wearing a jacket and shorts that match the same suit. 


This outfit, which is light blue and constructed of a lightweight linen mix, is breathable. The pleated shorts are an excellent complement to the slim-fit jacket, offered in three lengths: short, standard, and long.

Bonobos Original Chino 

Chinos are a great option to wear to a beach wedding instead of formal pants since they are more comfortable. These Bonobos trousers are available in expanded sizes and have built-in stretch for a comfortable fit. 


Khaki is a safe choice, but various other colour options are available. For a timeless look, create an ensemble by matching the trousers with your go-to button-down shirt in blue.

Model Wears Sports Jacket. 

Attending summer weddings, it’s an opportunity to break out your plaid sport coat. It comes in sizes 2XL-5XL. Wear it with Oak Hill’s cotton-blend straight-leg dress pants, keeping you cool and dry.

The Black Tux Tan Suit

Have you received an invitation to a formal beach wedding but are hesitant to purchase a new suit? The Black Tux is the place to get the desired appearance. 


Because this specific rental already contains a tan jacket and matching slacks, all you will need in addition to those items to complete your warm-weather wedding outfit is a traditional white button-down shirt, a tie, a belt, and some shoes.

Model Wears A Striped Suit. 

A seersucker suit is the ultimate preppy choice for a seaside wedding. Classically beachy in its narrow white and blue stripes and breathable in its textured cotton fabric, this top is a must-have for summer. Our favourite way to wear it is over a navy or even pink shirt for a pop of colour.

Bonobos Italian Stretch

Weddings on the beach are made for bright linen outfits. The forest green hue of this slim-fit jacket and pant combo is perfect for a beachside nuptial. Summer suits may be dressed down for the season by teaming them with a simple white t-shirt and woven loafers.

Bridal Party on the beach

Best Dress Colours

The casual atmosphere means you may wear anything, but these colours will help you blend in with the seaside scenery.


Think about wearing a teal colour. A light blue lace midi dress complements the ocean’s tones well. This seafoam green dress with a halter neckline was made to make you think of the water.


You should carry a third dress in addition to the two you plan to wear on the wedding day in case you are invited to any formal pre-wedding celebrations. If you intend on staying for a while, you should only bring one outfit every day. Bring seven outfits while preparing for a weeklong vacation.

Best Dress Styles

Choose a timeless and enjoyable dress for a seaside wedding—a strapless, flowery dress inspired by the vegetation of the tropical setting. Dresses of the midi length are also ideal, as are off-the-shoulder maxis, which are both practical and stylish.


Select voluminous skirts that will not restrict your motion. Dresses with no sleeves or butterfly sleeves are recommended. Convertible bras and other multipurpose undergarments should also be included. 


Pick eye-catching jewellery that fits well with the beachy vibe of your clothing. Filigree drop earrings are a current favourite.


Instead of bringing your whole jewellery collection, just carry two lovely sets you can interchange and stack as required from morning to night.


A word of caution: jewellery exposed to saltwater and sand may deteriorate if not made of corrosion-resistant materials. Avoid any gold, rhodium, and vermeil plating.

Footwear Options

Stilettos are not appropriate footwear for a wedding held on the beach. Even if your shoes have high heels, there is a chance that they may become stuck in the sand. So why not go with the flow and enjoy yourself?

Best Accessories

Put the final touches on the outfit by adding the necessary accessories. Carry a chic handbag throughout the day to accessorise your outfit. Bring a pair of stylish sunglasses that will shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare. 


You may give your appearance a touch of whimsy by wearing an ocean-themed hair item as a hairpin or even colourful flowers.


Beach weddings demand that the bride’s hair be styled in beach curls. To complete the look, you should let your hair down and accessorise with a flower crown and wavy tresses. A fishtail braid is an excellent option that may provide additional safety.


If you are with a buddy, your friend can provide you with some aid. Those with shoulder-length or longer hair may create a messy low bun and affix an appealing clip to the side of the bun.

Makeup Suggestions

Your hair and clothes are ready; now comes the challenge. The heat and humidity of a beach wedding might cause your makeup to melt or cake up.


  • Be mindful of how you treat your skin. If you protect your skin with a powerful sunscreen with a high SPF, you won’t have to worry about getting wrinkles or dark spots from sun exposure. Be sure to thoroughly combine it before applying the rest of your makeup.
  • Relax and take things easy. Try using a lightweight BB cream or primer instead of a full-coverage foundation. Try to limit the amount of shimmer you use.
  • When you want to prevent black lines from smudging, choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara.


The invitation may include a dress code, or the couple may request “beach wedding clothing.” It’s better to overdress than underdress for any occasion. You should wear business casual if the invitation doesn’t specify a dress code. 


Modern semiformal attire features lightweight fabrics, tropical details, and tailored summer suits. Remember that a casual beach wedding is still a wedding, not a family reunion. Swap off your swimsuit and board shorts for something fancier, like a dress or a nice pair of sandals. Sun hats may be worn if desired. 


However, they must be removed so that everyone present may see well throughout the procession. Look at our comprehensive selection of Melbourne wedding photographers to choose the perfect one for your big day.


Remember to reapply your sunscreen; otherwise, the beach is a great place to express yourself via clothing choices.


When attending a “beach” themed event, guests are encouraged to dress casually rather than in full formal attire. Several factors, such as the time of year, the expected temperature range, and the event’s location, will dictate your choice of clothing. 


Weddings held on the beach tend to be more casual and carefree. Wearing a light, airy dress is best when planning a beach wedding. Khakis, linens, seersucker trousers, a button-down shirt, and a sports coat are all appropriate bottoms for a man to wear to a wedding on the beach.


Even while formal beach weddings are unusual, they do happen. Men are supposed to wear suits, while women are expected to wear floor-length dresses. Bring a backup pair of stilettos to that fancy beach wedding, just in case. 


At a formal beach wedding, guests are expected to wear fancier dresses than at a more relaxed ceremony or reception. Only show up to a beach wedding in a skimpy sundress or short shorts; dress up, not down.


What do you wear to a wedding on the beach? What you need is a beautiful maxi dress. Wearing bold designs and brighter colours can help dress up a casual ensemble. Men should dress conservatively in long pants and a white button-down shirt. Loafers or deck shoes are better options for women.


Choose a dress that is both timeless and enjoyable to wear to a seaside wedding. Remember to bring stylish sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sunlight. 


Throw away your stilettos! Your shoes may become buried in the sand even with high heels. Dressing for the beach is a great way to express your style and flaunt your favourite warm-weather garments.


Swap off your swimsuit and board shorts for something fancier, like a dress or a nice pair of sandals. Sun hats are permitted but should be removed before the procession begins.

Content Summary

Tips On Your Beach Wedding Look

  • When attending a “beach” themed event, guests are encouraged to dress casually rather than in full formal attire.
  • Several factors, such as the time of year, the expected temperature range, and the event’s location, will dictate your choice of attire.
  • If invited to a tropical wedding, you may need help deciding what to wear.
  • How people dress for a beach wedding depends on where it is being held and the vibe the couple is going for.
  • We’ll talk about what men and women should wear to a beach wedding and how to set the level of formality for the ceremony.
  • How should you dress for a beach ceremony? It’s a common misconception that guests at a seaside wedding should dress casually.
  • Check the forecast beforehand if you plan to fly across the country to attend a beach wedding.
  • Look at the forecast and plan your outfits appropriately.
  • Dress in loose, breathable fabrics to avoid overheating in hot weather.
  • Sun-safe fabrics include chiffon, linen, organza, and cotton blends.
  • Light and bright colours are ideal for a beach wedding dress, but it bears repeating in case you missed it.
  • If the bride has requested that guests adhere to a specific colour scheme, it is essential to consider this when selecting an outfit.
  • FormalityAlthough beach weddings are known for their relaxed atmosphere, you shouldn’t walk up in shorts and a tank top if the ceremony and reception are more formal.
  • Celebrations in the evening often follow semi-formal beach weddings.
  • Beach wedding shoes are more important than you believe, even if wearing shoes on the sand during the ceremony may seem foolish.
  • Do you have a particular kind of sandals in mind for the beach?
  • Do flip-flops ever make an appearance at weddings?
  • Wedge or sky-high heel sandals are inappropriate, even for a formal seaside wedding.
  • Choose a pair of dressy gladiator sandals or ballerina flats to look and feel great.
  • HairFor the sake of the many photographs you will take with loved ones, you must look your very best.
  • Several standards may be used for the maintenance of one’s hair.
  • You don’t want your hair to mess up your makeup or blow in your face while enjoying the sand and surf.
  • If you want to be comfortable and relaxed, put your hair up and out of the way.
  • You can get that fresh, beachy appearance with only a little foundation and eye shadow.
  • How to Dress for a Beach CeremonyWhen planning what to wear, keep a semi-formal dress code in mind.
  • If you are still determining the level of formality expected for the wedding, go to the invitation or the couple’s wedding website.
  • The location may also serve as a data point.
  • At a formal beach wedding, guests are expected to wear fancier dresses than at a more relaxed ceremony or reception.
  • Resort AttireA traditional seaside wedding calls for a dress, suit, or perhaps a jumpsuit.
  • Wear dressy sandals or shoes with thick heels if you must walk on the sand.
  • Consider wearing heels unless the reception is held on a beach.
  • You should wear a suit, or a long-sleeved shirt and tie, with slacks.
  • However, a well-ventilated and stylish jacket or sports coat can do the work.
  • Please do not wear shorts or sandals.
  • Dress sandals are acceptable footwear, while flip-flops are not.
  • Wearing bold designs and brighter colours can help dress up a casual ensemble.
  • Refrain from showing up in shorts, swimwear, or baggy jeans.
  • Wedding Dresses for Women at the BeachWhat do you wear to a wedding on the beach?
  • If the invitation states that you should wear formal beach clothes, a long, gorgeous gown is the way to go.
  • You should still wear a suit and tie to the reception since it is a formal beach affair, even if it is being held on a boat.
  • You can’t go wrong with slacks and a button-down shirt for a semi-formal seaside wedding.
  • The unfamiliarity of the location, combined with the heat and humidity of a tropical climate, may make you feel claustrophobic and uneasy.
  • You should carry a third dress in addition to the two you plan to wear on the wedding day in case you are invited to any formal pre-wedding celebrations.
  • If you intend on staying for a while, you should only bring one outfit every day.
  • Bring seven outfits while preparing for a weeklong vacation.
  • The Most Stylish AttireChoose a timeless and enjoyable dress to wear to a seaside wedding.
  • The Best Beach Wedding JewelryAccessorize your beach-themed gown with eye-catching jewellery.
  • Carry a chic handbag throughout the day.
  • Remember to bring stylish sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sunlight.
  • A hairpin or some brightly coloured flowers with a nautical or oceanic design may set off your ensemble.
  • Wear a flower crown and let your hair down into flowing waves.
  • Skincare should be your priority.
  • To avoid premature aging and sun damage, use a high-SPF sunscreen before going outside.
  • Make sure it’s well combined before you apply any more foundation.
  • Dress Code at a Beach WeddingThe invitation may include a dress code, or the couple may expressly request “beach wedding clothing.”
  • You should wear business casual if the invitation doesn’t specify a dress code.
  • Remember that a casual beach wedding is still a wedding, not a family reunion.
  • Swap off your swimsuit and board shorts for something fancier, like a dress or a nice pair of sandals.
  • Remember to reapply your sunscreen; otherwise, the beach is a great place to express yourself via clothing choices.


What Should I Wear To a Beach Wedding?

When you get an invitation to a formal beach wedding, you should wear a suit and tie more formally. Whether the reception will be held in a restaurant, a ballroom at a resort, or on a boat, it is particularly crucial to bear this in mind. A bow tie is an additional choice to think about when it comes to neckwear.

What Is Beach Wedding Dressy Casual Attire?

Depending on personal desire, attire for a beach wedding might vary from semi-formal to casual. The fact that this is the standard outfit for beach weddings does not mean that every beach wedding wears this style.

Is a Tux Acceptable for a Beach Wedding?

You’ll unlikely need a tuxedo or evening gown for a beachside wedding, even if you’ve been invited. Men should stick to tried-and-true options like suits for beach formals; however, they should steer clear of black in favour of more adventurous hues like blue or tan.

Should a Beach Wedding Invitation State a Dress Code?

Some guests may misinterpret the beach party theme as an invitation to dress casually and hence come to the party in improper attire. 


If the invitation specifies the dress code, these problems will be solved. When sending out invitations for a beach wedding, it’s important to note that attendees should dress “semi-formal” or “dressy casual.”

Which Color of Suit Is Appropriate for a Beach Wedding?

Linen shirts and jackets of any colour look great with neutral pants like white or beige. You will feel fantastic in addition to looking fabulous. It’s not uncommon for men to wear linen suits in neutral colours like tan, grey, blue, or cream to a seaside wedding, combined with a crisp white dress shirt. 


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